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Vow Renewals at Vista Vows

Vow renewals at Vista Vows are incredibly special. Why? In a year full of negativity, they're a gleaming ray of something positive. Many of our couples credited wanting to celebrate something good as part of their decision to renew their vows. It gave them something wonderful to plan, look forward too, and enjoy together.

Vow renewals used to be saved for monumental anniversaries like 25 and 50 years, or if a couple overcame a very difficult time in their relationship. Modern vow renewals are much more flexible. Many couples opt to celebrate one year of marriage, becoming a family, or a renewed commitment to one another. So, there's never a bad time to do a vow renewal!

Vow Renewal Guidelines

  • Vow renewals are a reflection of the couple involved so make it all about you two
  • Most vow renewals involve an officiant or a minister who performs the renewal ceremony
  • Many couples write their own mini vows for their renewal
  • Typically rings are not re-exchanged
  • Vow renewals can be small or include a small number of family members and friends
  • Many couples opt to dress up for their ceremony, but there are no rules to follow

Vow renewals at Vista Vows have taught us a few things. First, renewals have the majority of the the good things about your wedding, with none of the stress. Second, taking time to celebrate your love story is a truly beautiful thing. And finally, there's great joy in renewing the bonds of your marriage. When you said, ''I do" the first time you had no idea what your marriage would be like. When you say, ''I do'' in a renewal, you know exactly what your marriage is like and you are faithfully committing yourself to nurture it.

So, if you're considering renewing your vows... do it! They're fun, simple ceremonies that strengthen your bond and give you something positive to celebrate!

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