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Sarah's Real Elopement at Vista Vows

Sarah's real elopement at Vista Vows was SO special! Elopements are a very big thing right now. Are you curious why a couple chooses to elope and what it's like? Read on to hear how Sarah and Ken met, fell in love, decided to elope, and their advice for other engaged couples!

How They Met

We met on OkCupid while I was in medical school in Israel and he was on the west coast USA. He accepted a short term job in Japan a couple weeks after we started chatting, and we didn't meet in person in the US until more than 3 months after we started messaging online.

The Proposal

He took me to an old fire tower overlooking his hometown in the mountains of Northern California. It was touching and romantic. My engagement (and wedding) ring is his maternal grandmother's, who as we realized only later, and fittingly, had also eloped with his grandfather.

The Elopement Decision

Pre-pandemic, our wedding was tentatively planned for coastal California in early November 2020, and we had wanted to have only our close relatives at the ceremony. However, since things with the pandemic worsened, we decided that it would be most responsible to have a quiet, intimate wedding with just the two of us and share pictures and a video of the ceremony with our loved ones.

Finding an Elopement Venue

We have both fallen in love with the Shenandoah Valley since moving to the mid-Atlantic region summer of 2019. When we made up our minds that we wanted to elope, we tried to find somewhere close to Shenandoah, and Vista Vows turned out to be a great fit.

The Big Day

It was perfect. We could not have asked for a better day; blue skies with puffy clouds, amazing views of the valley below, and right in the midst of a forest of trees. We are both passionate about nature so it really was the most wonderful setting.

Favorite Part

It is hard to pick just one! The whole day was magical. But thinking of driving to the Vista Vows location, while we were still engaged, and then the drive home to the greater DC area when we had become a married couple was really special. Luray, VA and the surrounding areas are absolutely breathtaking and made for a great start and finish to our day.

Elopement Advice

Go for it! If you feel in your heart that it's the right thing for you, and you want a special, intimate day with the love of your life, I would definitely recommend an elopement. And Vista Vows is a beautiful, stress-free option that I would encourage anyone to check out.

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