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Micro Weddings at Vista Vows

Micro weddings are one of the hot new wedding trends of 2020. After hearing this buzz word tossed around, you may be wondering "what exactly is a micro wedding?" At Vista Vows, we're here to help you understand!

A micro wedding is basically a mini wedding with 20 or less guests. It was a burgeoning concept that rapidly gained traction and popularity due to COVID19.

The Pros of a Micro Wedding

  • Lower Cost - Hosting a micro wedding for 20 people is WAY more budget friendly than hosting 200+ guests
  • Less Stress - Fewer wedding guests equal fewer expectations and considerably less potential drama than a formal full-sized wedding
  • Flexibility - Micro weddings allow couples to be creative about where they host the ceremony, as well as the format of their reception. They are typically more relaxed events that focus on the couple.

The Cons of a Micro Wedding

  • Re-framing Your Initial Wedding Plans - If you spent months/years planning your dream day, it can be a challenge to change those plans to something smaller and simpler. We find that focusing on the love between you and your fiance and making a formal commitment to that can help.
  • Fewer Guests - It can be difficult to choose only 20 people to attend your ceremony. However, you can use technology to include other guests or even host multiple events throughout the day with different groups of 20 people.  Another workaround is having a micro wedding followed by a full sized reception a few months later.

If a micro wedding sounds like a perfect fit for you, we're so excited! Love comes in every size and form, you don't have to conform to any particular set of standards. Should you be looking for a micro venue, check us out at Vista Vows. We're the ultimate DIY micro wedding venue in Virginia with amazing views!

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