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Elopements at Vista Vows

Elopements at Vista Vows are on the rise this year. Why? A majority of engaged couples have their weddings postponed and venues closed in 2020. Most of us have a vague concept of what an elopement is, but what does a modern elopement entail? As a micro wedding and elopement venue, we're happy to clue you in!

A modern elopement is the intimate concept of a private getaway for two people to spend their wedding day together away from all other concerns. Doesn't that sound amazing? You and your person, away from all stress, getting married.

Elopements are a breath of fresh air in the often high stress, high budget wedding industry. The Merriam-Webster dictionary references an elopement as a “wedding that is not financially insane.” We can get behind that concept! So, now that you know what an elopement is, how do you do it?

You can plan your own elopement by finding an elopement venue, securing an officiant or pastor, and picking a date. That's it! Your day can be as simple or fancy as you'd like. Wear whatever you want, pick your own flowers, or use a florist. Plan a picnic reception for two or go out for dinner. The best part of elopements is that the two of you get to do whatever you want to celebrate your love story.

If you don't want to plan anything but still want an amazing day, consider an all inclusive elopement package. A professional will take care of all the details. You simply show up and get married! Regardless of how, when, or where you choose to elope please accept sincere congratulations from the team at Vista Vows!

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